本文摘要:On a recent,rather stormy Tuesday afternoon,Former u . s . vice president al gore and an assortment of silicon valley executives assembles最近下暴雨的周二下午,美国前副总统埃尔奥戈尔和硅谷高管聚集在可能不会经常出现的地方3354阿肯色州奥西奥拉,参与了有希望的新企业的开工仪式。


On a recent,rather stormy Tuesday afternoon,Former u . s . vice president al gore and an assortment of silicon valley executives assembles最近下暴雨的周二下午,美国前副总统埃尔奥戈尔和硅谷高管聚集在可能不会经常出现的地方3354阿肯色州奥西奥拉,参与了有希望的新企业的开工仪式。Backed by $35 million in financing,California-based startup blue oak resources is building a brand-new facility In this city of 8 But it总部设在加州三个以上的蓝橡资源回收公司(BlueOak Resources)计划在这个拥有约8,000人口的小城市建设新工厂,但它不是想生产任何高科技的新东西。相反,在电子垃圾堆积如山,可能会淹没全球的背景下,蓝色橡树的新设施将成为美国第一个重新利用金、银、铜、钯等贵金属的“城市采矿”冶炼厂。

(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Mining,Northern Exposure(美国电视连续剧),成功)” every day,u . s . consumers dispose of enough cell phones toAlthough between 7%和10% of The world ‘ s gold and 30% of The silver produced goes into electronics,Only 15% of The 50 million TheBrado回应,全球生产的7%至10%和30%的银被电子产品零部件所取代,但全球每年产生的5000万吨电子废弃物中,只有15%受到了某种形式的再利用处分。大部分设备被扔在垃圾填埋场或出口到海外,最终被烧毁到火灾现场。The city of GUI Yu,China-widely considered the world ‘ s e-waste capital-receives some 4,000 tons of the stuff per hour . it also ho“not only is it a humanitarian disaster,but when we looked at the value contained in e-scrap,it was shocking”贵瑞镇每小时收到约4000吨垃圾。


”“with support from the Arkansas teachers”retirement fund,a consortium of European And domestic investors,And the Arkansas developmentkleiner Perkins cau field Byers is one of blue oak ‘ s major investors。蓝橡公司将建设的新冶炼厂受到阿肯色州教师退休基金(area Hers’ Retirement Fund)、欧洲和美国国内投资者组成的基金会和阿肯色州开发金融管理局(Arkansas Development Finance Authority)的反对。该工厂计划在初期阶段每年处置1500万英镑的电子废弃物,此后不久将继续扩大。

该冶炼厂将于2015年底投入生产,预计将为当地带来50个技术工作岗位。凯鹏华永丰投资公司(Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers)是绿色橡树的主要投资者之一。For every ounce,30 tons of Waste ‘ ‘ 1盎司铁矿不生产30吨垃圾’ ‘ Developing a 21st-century,High-quality Recovery Process for the电子垃圾是城市固体废弃物中增长最快的组成部分,电子产品中含有大量贵金属、珍贵塑料和可回收玻璃,因此赫什科维茨表示:“习惯性废弃的事实是没有道理的。”Indeed,roughly 10 ounces of gold can be extracted from every ton of printed circuit boards,Brad oo saidyou ‘ d need to process 100 tons of gold ore or more to get the same amount。


More to the point,“for every ounce of gold that has to be mined in the field,weproduce 30 tons of waste”including mercury and cyanide he“与《compare that with recovering an ounce of gold from electronic waste-you ‘ d eliminate that gigantic ecological base》相比,在电子废弃物中重复使用黄金可以避免这么大的生态支出。There are,of course,u . s.companies already out there that specialize in refurbishing and recycling used electronics-sims recycle当然,已经有Sims Recycling和ECS Refining这两家专门改造和再利用二手电子产品的美国公司,Brado说,这些公司通常可以拆除不能用手动或自动碎纸机装饰的设备,重新使用铝、钢和塑料,但电路板会运往海外冶炼厂。it ‘ s those circuit boards where most of the high-value metals reside,she added . in order to reclaim them in a sustainable way,Blueoak ‘.为了以可持续的方式重复使用贵金属,蓝橡公司的新工厂将收购这些电路板,进一步消灭加工,然后放入等离子弧炉熔化。

value recovery from every part of that chain ‘ ‘在价值链的所有部分重复使用价值’ Europe has long been ahead of the United States in its e-waste solutions Thanks not欧洲的电子废弃物解决方案长期领先美国。“they had domestic secondary smelters that the capital and the capital and the capability to redirect some of their capacity toward e-wasted但是蓝橡公司的城市矿业工厂说:“从生态学上看,这可能是我们需要的设施。”,则表示。the challenge here is going to be getting the electronic waste to the facility,Because right now only a fraction of electronic waste is effectivetyfrom an economic perspective We need government requirements,as they have in Europe,That obligate the consumer products companies to paras因为目前只有少数电子垃圾可以有效地重复使用和重复使用。

“他补充道。”从经济角度来看,我们应该迫使政府效仿欧洲的方式,拒绝电子消费类公司出资建设用于重复使用或改造这些材料的基础设施。(莎士比亚,温斯顿,经济)。“Initially,blue oak will rely on suppliers that are already collecting and dismantling e-waste,But”our hope is that by creation“an entire industry has focused on ensuring that there ‘ s recycling。



“Alternatively,much the way deposit-refund systems have been used successfully to encourage container recycling,IT ‘s possible a“We need to see real leadership”“我们应该看到切实的领导能力”“approaches like blue oak’s urban mining refinery”“have the potential to be an imports On”绿色橡木城市采矿工厂等方式表示:“在未来,它将成为电子废弃物解决方案的最重要组成部分,需要重新使用映射电子设备的材料,增加对基本材料和生产这些材料所需能源的市场需求。”green peace also wants to see more robust efforts from the electronics sector,cook库克回应说,绿色和平组织期待看到电子行业采取更强有力的措施。But it starts at the top。

“what we also need to see is real leadership from electronics manufacturers in creating products that are designed to ho Longer life,”cook se我们还需要看到电子产品制造商展现出切实的领导能力,设计和生产具有更长生命周期的产品。(大卫亚设,作家)。

“他还引用了模块化手机制造商Phonebloks和Project Ara的事例。”不能设计两三年就扔掉的产品。